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In addition to cost, there are several factors that would prompt a provider to consider outsourcing their billing.

Your current billing and collection processes are inefficient. If you have been watching your collections drop while the time to collect cash increases, you may have issues in your billing department. Outsourcing to Med Staff Plus will decrease the number of rejected claims and the time it takes to receive payment from a payer will be reduced.

You have high staff turnover. Turnover is an issue in any industry, but turnover in a provider’s billing department is especially damaging. Efficient claims processing is the economic core of any company or practice. A new addition or frequent replacements of staff in the billing department will inevitably lead to a slowdown in the processing of claims.

You choose not to maintain the expense of technology. Keeping your billing in-house will require an investment in billing management software, maintenance fees, and monthly fees for electronic claim submissions. Include training for your staff, and the significance of this investment becomes very clear. If you don’t want to deal with software upgrades and technical issues, outsourcing is a good choice.

You are a new provider. New providers have plenty to learn and worry about, aside from their billing. Outsourcing billing can give you much needed relief from the day-to-day stress of launching a new company or practice.

It’s important to note that a medical billing service isn’t a magic pill for in-house billing issues. Billing services can vary widely in their efficiency and accuracy when processing claims. If a provider chooses a billing service that is lax and prone to errors, the headaches surrounding billing issues won’t get better – they’ll get worse.

Med Staff Plus has the knowledge and experience to take care of all the billing and collections issues that arise within your organization, allowing your staff to focus on servicing your customers.

It is easy to underestimate what is involved to start and maintain an efficient in-house billing department.

To summarize, you can...

Create financial reporting process • Review financials • Train staff • Implement timely collection process • Train staff • Work aged receivables at 30 days • Call insurance company • Implement best billing practices and collection efforts • Cover staff on sick days • Cover staff on vacation days • Motivate staff • Keep turn-over rate down • Train new staff • Motivate staff • Give raises to staff • Collect cash • Call insurance company Purchase computer hardware • Borrow money • Purchase billing software • Create billing database • Create inventory database • Obtain submitter ID • Pay to subscribe to HIPAA compliant clearinghouse • Join professional groups • Where is the cash? • Attend seminars • Hire experienced billing/collection staff • Verify insurance • Obtain prior authorization • Obtain prescription • Qualify patient • QC paperwork for compliancy • Set up patient in software • Hire additional staff • Key order • Confirm order • QC claim • Submit claim • Post cash • Verify payment is correct • Work rejections • Call insurance company • Resubmit claim • Call insurance company • Fax claim • Call insurance company • Email claim • Learn new guidelines • Update billing software • Pay software maintenance • Update billing database • Update inventory • Bill secondary insurance • Send out patient statements • Move into a bigger building • Call patients to collect balance • Set up payment plans • Work aged receivables • Call insurance company • Resubmit claims • Fax claims • Email claims • Work edits • Prepare claims for submission • Buy faster computer • Correct edits • Prepare claims for submission • Transmit claims • Maintain logs • Balance Cash • Work held revenue • Hire more staff • Call physicians • Call referral source • Call patient • Obtain additional medical documentation • Submit documentation to insurance company • Negotiate fee screen • Schedule meeting with insurance company manager • Repeat.

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